September 22, 2006 3:50pm CST
is it right for you to look for your natural birth mother and has anyone experienced as i'm just about to do this at 37 yrs of age ?
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@kstanley7 (1172)
23 Sep 06
It is natural to look for your birth mother or father, what I would do is get in contact with the social welfare department and tell them that your looking for your birth mother and you need to find out what adoption agency you was placed in, they will ask for your location back then as I believe there is one central office for each state/county when you have that information you can then approach the adoption agency with your information.
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@sevenseas (754)
• United States
25 Sep 06
I would always consider my adoptive parents, if I were adopted, my REAL parents. Out of curiosity, I couldn't help but look for my birth parents due to wanting to know what they looked like and the history of the family I share a heritage with. But, I think alot of people who are adopted end up obsessing with finding a birth parent. I had a friend who did that and it was nothing but a big emotional rollercoaster for him. To make it worse, the way he went on and on about it really deeply hurt his adoptive parents. So, I would look, but I would look casually and realize how lucky I am to have parents who DO love me regardless of who gave birth to me.
@anandjd (411)
• India
23 Sep 06
well.. i am not adopted.. but yeah/ i can imagine.. its absoutely natural.. i wd hv been if i had been in ur place..
@DeborahWY (306)
• Singapore
23 Sep 06
I don't think it's wrong to want to know who your natural parents are. Adoption is not alien to my family and I think well of it too. I would say most adoptive parents love their adoptive children and have certainly given them a better life than if they were left with their own natural families. I have got friends who are adopted. They all know of their adoption & are loved by the adoptive parents. One of my friend choose to move back to her natural parents after her adoptive parents passed on yet another one I knew did not want to seek out her natural parents. It is really your choice - if you don't feel settled without looking for them, then it's good to do it. If you can get on with life without it bothering you, then it is also fine.