More problems beset the PS3

United States
December 18, 2006 12:57pm CST
LOOKS LIKE THE PS3 is getting to be better 'value' every day according to Sony's slightly reality-tangential maths. Rumours heard by the site Kotaku back up several of the things whispered in our ears over the past month or three and add a few more. We were told that the PS3 components were way too large to fit into the case, and the fact that there are no betas, and serious talk of an external PSU don't do much to harm the faith I had in my source. As a note to the twits who still insist that they saw a 'working PS3' at E3, you were taken for a ride, get over it. Next time, learn the basics of conning the stupid, and look for them. Either way, I get this sneaking suspicion that we may see a PS3 case 'upgrade' before the ship date. Then they go on to say the clocks may be reduced to 2.8GHz. Gosh, who would have ever thought that would happen? Yep, 'horrible' yields mean high defectivity or low specs, and it looks like the low specs are rearing their ugly heads. 2.8 with 7 SPEs it is, for now anyway. Ugly part II. As for the RSX performance, I have already weighed in on that one, so no more beating a dead horse. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, just that it is underspecced compared to the ATI chip. It is a G7x with some chipset functionality welded on, and NVidia should have little problem delivering this part on time and on budget. If there is any problem, it is because Sony asked for the wrong set of numbers. Whatever the case, my sources back up Kotaku almost perfectly. Sony looks to have one heck of an expensive Zepplin launching in the jet age. If they toned down the arrogance a notch or 12, and started engaging the parts of the press that aren't sycophantic suck-ups, they might be able to either get their side out, or blunt the oncoming storm. Sadly, in typical fashion, they go charging ahead while large chunks of the spec sheet peel off and land in the gutter behind their victorious advance. I did so want this console to be good. well sounds good ey? lol.
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