Do you know why China is better?

December 18, 2006 2:37pm CST
Do you know that China make a better economy 32x of U.S.A make in one year.. in one month... do you know why?!
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@smuggeridge (2157)
18 Dec 06
having over a billion people to make things for them is one, also because they can get away with paying crap wages they can produce things much cheaper than any developed countries. However that 32x of USA in one month is a load of rubbish. The USA has the biggest economy in the world, it is 6X the size of chinas, infact china is only 4th in the world, only slightly ahead of a tiny little island in the Atlantic (UK). So don't think chinas quite as great as you say
• Brazil
20 Dec 06
It's not the economy size.. is the growth of that... in 10 years , 1020% ... about 15%/moth ... have any read RED Alert? A book banned in U.S.A write by Tom Clancy's .... ex- CIA agent... read that and see what is China...
21 Dec 06
difference is that china is developing from a very poor an undeveloped economy and the USA is already the most developed economy in the world so there is no way that the US could ever match China
• Brazil
22 Dec 06
I know that... but you you are seeing only one side of my discussions.... i'm talking about inteligent war ... you seeing in the last year , 4 scientists were arrest... selling u.s. army technology .... more than 20 u.s army servers , and including some routers os nsa , invaded ... all that for 'people who lives' in china..... any one can see that is not a peacefull relation.... and the better technology of stealh in airplanes ... was sold by Sr. Gowadia , who worked 21 years in the development of B2 engines ( search in net ... "Spy selling classified information to China arrested") .... see more than them show you man.... since 1989 u.s.a send spy to china... about 18x than they were killed...Oo
@balabrahmam (1074)
• India
20 Dec 06
yes china is growing fastly because they follow the one system in every family must be everybody work what they work they will fullfill it so automatically their contry will grow first our political proceer is must be want change
• China
4 Jul 07
there are lots of foreign investments flows into China and that provide chances to develop Chinese economy,it's not China itself developed rapidly but with the help of the world
• China
20 Dec 06
There are several reasons why the chinese economoy is growing so rapidly. Here are a few: - businesspeople were held back for years during the cultural revolution. Now that the economy is more free, people are eager to regain lost ground and prosper. - natural work ethic. in a country with 1 billion people, if you don't work hard, someone will be right there behind you to take your place. - low costs. The RMB has been pegged to the dollar to ensure that goods are always cheap to produce. As someone mentioned, this is slowly changeing, but it is still very cheap to produce goods in china.
@moneyseeker (1024)
18 Dec 06
I think the Chinese economy is progressing simply because they can manfuacture goods cheaper than major countries like USA and Europe. One day, of course, this will change - but quite a few years to go yet.