Near death experiences

December 18, 2006 7:55pm CST
I have a friend that once died and came back alive she told me there really is heaven and hell and she saw angels but was sent back to earth because it was not her time has anyone here experienced such?
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@andrejuly84 (1047)
• Romania
1 Aug 07
i didn't experience this but i think is a great experience that show to the man how precious is his life and maybe after this kind of experience he will be more careful with his life,with the others,with the things he do
• United States
5 Mar 07
I have read about NDE quite a bit and what your friend described is not uncommon. I don't think we will know until it is our time too know - and then it is too late. So best thing we can do is live each day like it is our last.
• Canada
28 Feb 07
I had an outter body experience before and it ain't scary it's beautiful like nothing no one can explain but can tell u, YOU feel ultimate peace...That is all I will say i don't want to go to deep not sure if it is right to tell!!!
@vikceo (1301)
• India
10 Jan 07
well sorry do not want to doubt on you and your friend but it really looks like an infinite times of told story by infinite people. i am not able to really believe on it. can you tell some more what else she told