Im about to get my tonsils out any suggestions??

December 19, 2006 12:49am CST
im really freaked out and scared... eek!?!?! help!!! thanks
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@kavita23 (2996)
• India
20 Dec 06
Get a lot of popsicles to eat at home, but no red ones. If you vomit blood, it's a bad thing and you would need to go back to the hospital. If you've been eating red popsicles and jello, you won't know if you're vomiting popsicles or blood, so stay away from red stuff. You are going to be in some significant pain, so keep taking your pain medication as often as prescribed, even if you're not in pain at that moment. You don't want to "get behind" the pain because then it's real hard to catch up to it with the medication. Keep drinking, drinking, drinking lots of water, juice, pop, whatever. You must keep your throat moist, even wake up in the night several times to drink on your first few days home. The pain gets better the first few days, and then you have a couple of days where it gets a LOT worse, and then better again. I just don't want you to worry when the pain gets worse, and worry that something is wrong. It happens to everyone. Get a bunch of soft foods to eat, but when my sons had theirs out, they liked to eat pretzels of all things! The salt helped the wounds feel better, and they sort of let them dissolve in their mouth so they weren't scratchy going down.