10 biggest disaster on earth

December 19, 2006 4:57am CST
universe make people so impresed and affraid of, even science has been explain A large number of signs of nature. but, we continued to be able not control it. The scientist has put 10 earth disasters that most frightening for humankind at the same time estimated among them the black hole as first category a horrifying disaster. According from daily report in England, the scientists estimated that the black hole disaster. And although this incident will not necessarily happen in next 70 years, but level of threat to earth was categorised as highest first. The Brookhaven laboratory in New York in 7 years set made accelerator big particle, by bringing closer gold ion in collision of speed of light and produced material with high density. physicist worried that this accelerator will create material with high density like black hole, swallowed laboratory or even swallowed earth. The 2nd disaster that most frightening is robot control the earth, and regarded in 70 years of occurrence opportunity very high. The scientist predicted that not more in 50 years, robot will have capacity to think like humankind, in replacing humankind did all complicated works, or even controlled an earth. 3rd horrifying disaster was the tip behind chromosomes became short. The tip behind chromosomes had a protective composition that was mentioned “telomeres”. And scientist concluded that long protective composition telomeres will be increasingly short, so as result in make instability of chromosomes. When becoming short in certain stage, humankind will receive illness attack that was connected with tage, for example cancer, demensia elderly, heart disease, stroke . But,scientists predicted, that in 70 years of sign of occurrence opportunity like this was not high. The 4th disaster, the nuclear war destroyed civilisation, theoretically, the nuclear war will destroy human civilisation, but, in an actual manner crisis already through. The 5th disaster, the horrifying explosion the big volcano, the scientist memprediksikan, that approximately every 50.000 years will happen large explosion horrifying from big volcano. In earth will emerge a thin layer of sulphuric acid, reflected back sunlight, and in several years in future, tsunlight will weaken through, show like month light. scientists estimated, that horrifying eruption of big possibility volcano will happen in 70 years. The 6th disaster, scientist worried that in 70 years climate will change drasticly according from them, in end of 21st century predicted several fold, temperature generaly increase doblely, all over world temperature will rise through to 2 Celcius/day, and possibly will change temperature in each area, so as result world will be lack of food in globally. The 7th disaster, the earth has opportunity hit by giant's meteor was every time 1 million years. Meteorite collision will cause a large amount of dust, covered the sun rays, and had an impact on growth of crops. However, impact characteristics is temporary, humankind to still could live. The 8th disaster, cosmic ray spreads strongly After celestial explosion in the galaxy system, if cosmic ray including gamma ray radiating to earth, could cause descend temperature drastic, as result earth become glestser's age. The 9th disaster, scientists say that big possibility will happen horrifying plague in earth in period 70 years if like this, then will not be counted by number of people who will lost their life. In long time ago there is 4 times world get plague, aids and SARS has been take alot of human life. The 10th disaster, scientist convinced, that at this time in a large number of places all over the world in general was easy to attack by terrorism. Many terrorists easily could create a large number of mass killing weapons. they made and use anthrax or other smallpox virus , as a result will be unimaginated
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