I Need your help about a dna test

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September 23, 2006 1:26am CST
My boy friend had a DNA test that came back 99.9 not was not this child's father.After three months of his blood sitting in the lab unsealed they decided the lab made a mistake.They took new blood from mom and baby.but use unsealed blood that sat in the lad 3 months of his blood.Never consented to another test. But #2 test came back that he is 99.5 the father.The child looks 1/2 black both mother and father white and child has sickle cell.What do we And the state wants to put him in Jail for us being behind on child support They are refuseing to give another DNA all we want is another test so we will know somthing for sure .At the bottom of the first test that said he was not the dad they said the test results were true and there would be no more action and the case was closed.and cleared him even gave him his money back from DNA test.So we cant figure out why they did another test with out consentn then case was closed.
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3 Oct 06
If you want to get another DNA test, you can pay for your own as long as both mother and your boyfriend consent. DNA services of America is a really good one, its pricy but the lady explained to me where and how everything was done, I was with my man the whole time and she was very informative, only they didnt use blood they swabbed his cheek. I would definatly get a lawyer!!
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25 Sep 06
Since they did not have to take more blood, I don't believe he had to give permission for another test. If you have the court paperwork from the original case that showed he was not the father, this should prevent him from going ot jail on owed child support as long as the new test was recent. How did he get the most recent results? I would get a lawyer ASAP (tyr this link if you can't afford one http://www.acf.dhhs.gov/programs/cse/extinf.htm) and file a movement to have another test taken. This should release him from any liability until the results are back from a new test.