URGENT!! Do you work from home!!

United States
December 19, 2006 8:53am CST
Well, I do, and I was wondering what other people do at home other than just Mylot. I also do Chacha. It is a human-powered search engine that people who are unfamiliar with the internet can ask someone about a subject who has knowledge on that subject. I am that person and I make close to $5 an hour. You do have to train on 3 keywords that you chose, but after that, you start earning money. It takes about a week, depending on how long you are on it. I have a lot offun meeting new people all over the world and it feels great when I help someone find something. It is a good challenge for me. If you are interested, send me a message! I can sign you up. And don't forget to let me know what you do.
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• Canada
20 Sep 07
Im trying to find work at home to. Being disabled that is all I can do mostly. But most programs ask 100 or so dollars before you enter it. I dont have that kind of cash. Mylot has of yet been the only site I managed to find that you can earn money and it is a free site to register. I contacted chacha but I think they only accept americans cause when I signed up.... it wouldnt let me list my canadian postal code. our postal codes is longer then americans and it kept cutting off the last letter so I have a feeling they just take americans so I doubt I will have much luck with them lol
@deadsoul1 (714)
• India
19 Dec 06
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