This is a masterpiece of the socio-history

@yorgaki (678)
December 19, 2006 11:32am CST
Alvin Toefler wrote this masterpiece that describes the history of the human race. First Wave = the Age of the fights for territories (building of the tribes, nations, and empires for survival, Second Wave = the Age when the nations fight for resources and new markets (nobody wants just your land since the Second Wave, and even the wars are not for conquering just new lands) Third Wave = our Age when the speed of history is very high, the information is the main product of the nations, not the hard matter anymore. Wars are not for lands and the borders lose their meanings.
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@onesiobhan (1329)
• Canada
22 Dec 06
I read that book years and years ago. It was interesting, but not entirely accurate - he predicted that commuting would come to an end as everybody would start working from home. (To be fair, he wasn't the only person who thought that.)
@yorgaki (678)
• Romania
22 Dec 06
Of course, but he explained us the meaning of the entire history. Which indeed makes the difference. And also that the role of studying was not to learn anything but to create habits to uneducated people for: -being patient to make repetitive works for endless hours, -obey the authority -accept the others around them despite of their issues (a well stired bunch of people that accept and NOT CHALENGE the unpleasant reality !!!) -be prepared to create profit to the owners of the schools (be good investments). Since then, people become an asset ... That made the worst modern brain washing ...