Graviton Theory

December 19, 2006 12:32pm CST
Hey a new theory thought about me. Why is gravity weak? the theory is this............ The world is 4d and it is littered with 2d wormholes connecting different universes. These universes are not para universes about opposite universes. For example the time flowing gorward here might be flowing backward there. Assuming there are millions of these opp-universes, ther might be a universe where it is made up of antimatter like antiproton, antineutron, etc. Graviton as you all should know has no mass. And it is the only particle that can travel through any dimension. Therfore these gravitons go through these millions of wormholes and get into other universes. And antigravitons should also exist, and these antigravitons come through the wormholes present there and enter our universe and gets annihilated on contact with gravitons. Therfore the gravity is weak as there is a loss of gravitons through wormholes.
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• United States
19 Dec 06
I thought that there are 11 dimensions 1 = left and Right 2 = Back and Forth 3 = Up and Down 4 = time 5-10 = from String Theory 11 - From M Theory (latest) You can see a video about it here
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• Italy
20 Dec 06
Thanks mate, your answer has opened more my mind!
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