The future is GOOGLE....What say??

@arun687 (517)
December 19, 2006 3:00pm CST
I'm sure all of us search through GOOGLE..while it was primarily a perfect search engine available on the net, now slowly but clearly, GOOGLE is expanding its wings to other fields..and in a way getting just too far better than their competitors. Gmail has come a long way since it was first introduced, and now its my primary email account. when i saw the interface and the storage space offered, i didnt think any further in shifting from yahoo to google. Free pop3, mail forwarding and all the many features offered that are paid in other quality sites. Google Talk is another great way of Instant messaging, thou not as good as yahoo or msn as yet, but surely will get better with time, i'm sure. Picasa - a google picture manager..well what can i say about this piece of software! if you havent used it, you surely should since its just a perfect blend of imaging needs bundled together, including the feature of sending it to your contacts with 1 click. Google Desktop search - another great way to search for the files in your PC as well as on net, and the neat sidebar brings you weather reports, news, stocks, notes, appointments etc. Really well managed, and a must tool to be kept in your PC. Orkut - a great community and friends site, becoming more and more popular these days, especially in Asia and Brazil. How can i forget to mention ADSENSE, a great tool for any webmaster to have, and which provides targetted ads for all of us. It is responsible for the most of the online advertising that has been done, and google is known to have earned a hell lot out of it. Taking into account all of these services offered, i really think google is definitely starting to dominate a big portion of the world wide web. Google is always on the move in creating new useful tools, and the future is definitely going to be GOOGLE...thats what i feel...What about you??
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