personal responsibility

United States
December 19, 2006 3:54pm CST
Does it seem that we are becoming less responsible for our own actions? I'm tired of hearing people blame, for example the government not doing enough or having enough laws. Here's an example in my area. We haven't had a very cold fall so most of the lakes and ponds or other bodies of water have not formed ice thick enough to walk on. Some kid (old enough to know better) fell through, was saved so he's OK, but his mom said the city should have put a fence around this little body of water. That's ridiculous! Maybe she should have told the kid not to go on the ice! If she did and he still went, then he's lucky and hopefully he learned something. Anyone else feel the same way?
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@rinaaus (1203)
• Australia
20 Dec 06
yes, i agree with you too. Less reponsible and more blame. However, it is not the whole society, there are many people see the problems like you. Those people will balance this society.
• United States
20 Dec 06
Yes, you are correct, we have to let these people know that they need to start taking responsibility for themselves and their actions. I get overwhelmed at how much of this goes on. I don't know where to start, I just get frustrated.
@rinaaus (1203)
• Australia
21 Dec 06
I think we can start with ourselves first. Be reponsible to our thinking, doing and living. By the time, we will transfer to our childrens, relatives, friends... and the future picture will be more rebonsible and less blame.
@raveemenon (1071)
• India
17 Jan 07
I am sure you have a point here. getting irresponsible and putting the whole blame on the governments has become a fshion of the day. It is high time we realise about our responsibilities while vociferously claiming our legitimate rights!
@lilaclady (28225)
• Australia
19 Dec 06
Yes I agree with you,no one seems to wnt to take responsibilty any more and they sue for anything, its is becoming a very sad society.