I hear conflicting reports about how many eggs we should eat. What's the truth?

@Brandi06 (2227)
United States
December 19, 2006 5:16pm CST
what do you think
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@Kaorin (757)
• Australia
20 Dec 06
Despite what everyone says, eggs contain 'good' cholesterol that actually lowers your blood pressure, not heighten it. I was watching a show on the health channel the other day. People think that because eggs are high in essential fats that they are bad for our heart, but it's really quite the opposite, just like the fats in olive oil. Our body needs good fats to break down bad fats, and eggs are one of the richest sources of good fats in our diet. This sho followed a person who ate 22 eggs a DAY! and when they measured his cholesterol, it was too low to even be counted. So there you go. Eating eggs is not bad for you, but they say a HEALTHY average is between 5 and 14 a week.