What do all think about Gays n Lebians??

yugi  - yugi the best anmi in the world
December 20, 2006 12:56am CST
Hi u guys,Hhmmm..i was just wondering about an interesting topic dat u all might want 2 nose around n mayb drop a line or so about it..:grin:When i was in highscool, (i was in form 1)..i started my encounters with these tomboys/lesbians at that time, it was a girls scool.At first i didnt feel comfortable at all cause they really look like guys but their not.So i just ignored them. But 1 day when i was hangin out with a friend, i saw her treating them kindly, she was nice to them being friendly and all that.So i told myself after a while, i think i should treat them that way 2 cause i felt quite bad about myself.:-|So eversince dat incident i tried being more open minded about these things n treated them like i treat any1 else.. As t years gone by i got 2 know a few lesbians n gay guy.To me i think they r just like every1 else its just that god made them with dat kind of handicap if u know wat i mean..;-)
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