Man Strangles Grandmother With Cord For Holiday Lights

@Rumble (523)
United States
December 20, 2006 4:52am CST
A 20-year-old Daytona Beach, Fla., man is accused of killing his grandmother by strangling her with an extension cord being used for holiday lights and then slitting her throat apparently over money for drugs. The man went to his grandmother's and bummed $40 for crack.. he came back for more money with no intention of asking this time. He committed this heinous crime all for a crack rock. The good news is he is being charged with second degree murder. I hope they really throw the book at this kid. He had no reason at all to kill his grandmother. In all honesty, if he wanted drugs, he could simply have taken her money. I am not condoning that at all, but I am just saying that would have been better than strangling the woman with her own decorations. Who knows.. he was probably high at the time.. so maybe that's why he killed her. I'm sure it'll all come out at the trial since he'll probably try to plead his drug addiction.
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