There are many rooms in my fathers house - what do you think??

December 20, 2006 6:27am CST
Recently a family member passed away and at the wake the priest teird to console my father by telling him that we would all meet again in the next life. My father, a bit worse for wear at this point asked the priest a very intresting question that I must admit really got me thinking. He asked him that considering billions of people have died sicne time began how was a) everyone going to fit up there and b) how were we supposed to find everyone that we knew from all the billions up there. The priest responded with the quote that "there are many rooms in my father's house". But I have to admit that for me it doesnt fully answer the question my da posed. What do you think??
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@balabrahmam (1074)
• India
20 Dec 06
yes it is really tuf question but i think your dad is doing right thing now
20 Dec 06
It does answer the question of how they all fit but doesn't really explain how you are supposed to find each other, if I go there I hope there are some really good maps as I'm terrible with directions! It does seem a simplistic answer from the priest though.I would imagine that space has a very different meaning if you are incorporeal. We often talk about loved ones watching over us as well so it is possible that when we die our awareness changes. After all, we will not be using the same 5 senses as in life as these are physical so presumably we will have a different kind of consciousness which means that we can direct ourselves to someone just by thinking about them.