Free kids crafts to keep children busy

December 20, 2006 6:43am CST
Kids lunch times at school are short and they spend half of the time talking and fooling around, so what do parents do to make sure they eat? The answer is make it fun and interesting!! First of all, kids like, the better (and cooler) you make something look, the more apt the are to eat it. You don't need to make it extra special every day, but maybe you can use some of these ideas once or twice a week. square bullet Write a note, or make a heart on your child's sandwich with food coloring circle bullet Wrap sandwiches in colored cellophane wrap triangle bullet Cut sandwiches into fun shapes or letters square bullet Wrap ribbon around carrot sticks or celery sticks and place in a plastic baggie circle bullet Put a note in that says "I love you" or "I am thinking about you" triangle bullet Put a little prize in once in a while like a sticker or a pin or a plastic ring square bullet Use banana bread to make a PB&J sandwich circle bullet Always put a napkin in, and sometimes draw a little smiley face or write a note on it triangle bullet Include a fun strawsquare bullet Put in a new fun pencil circle bullet Put a lipstick kiss on their napkin triangle bullet Put a in Hershey's Kiss with a note attached "Here's a Kiss for you" square bullet Put a in Hershey's Hug with a note attached "Here's a Hug for you" circle bullet Put soup in a thermos and be sure to include a colored plastic spoon triangle bullet Give them chocolate milk in their thermos instead of regular square bullet Put a flower in circle bullet Make a fruit kabob triangle bullet Remove crust and cut sandwiches into triangles square bullet Include homemade cookies circle bullet Give a special piece of candy once in a while triangle bullet Put in fresh fruit or vegetables cut up square bullet Tie ribbon around utensils circle bullet Cut sandwiches into strips triangle bullet Roll up lunch meat and cheese and secure with a fun toothpick
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