which is better ?

December 20, 2006 7:09am CST
Can anybody say that which operating system is best among these three. Unix, Windows or Mac?
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@siva12 (800)
• India
20 Dec 06
Window is somewhat cheaper than the other two operating systems. You can use Linux it is a open source. I am using windows and linux. Security features are more in unix. Macintosh supports well for multimedia compared to window. You can choose according to your requirement.
• India
20 Dec 06
I think unix is cheaper than windows. and windows also provides better security e.g. in windows 2000 server but many people say that linux and unix are more secure. is it ture? if yes than why?
@rituja (217)
• India
21 Dec 06
i think windows. its user friendy. i work on windows.
@pikunpol (499)
• Indonesia
20 Dec 06
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Unix= Well this one i think good for prevent virus.. but its more complicated to learn.. lot of programing system windows= easy to use, but its so expensive if we want to use the real version.:( MAC= Its good but its hard for me to get MAC software, because lot of software using Windows.. not mac well there are good side and weak side:)