Belly Fat.... UGH!!!

United States
December 20, 2006 7:51am CST
Ok, guys, This is my first question here, and I know this is going to sound kind of weird, but here goes. I've gained about 50 pounds in the past year, since I moved to OK from CA. Mostly because of eating constantly because of depression and boredom. I know it's my own fault, but I'm working at it. The thing is, I noticed that while most people who gain weight tend to do it over their entire body, I've gained it ONLY in my belly. And what's more is that I don't have fat rolls or a pudge or anything squishy like that; I've just got a very large, round, solid, tight belly. Now, don't go thinking I'm pregnant, because there is absolutely no possible way that pregnancy is a factor here. And, my health is otherwise fine. I just find it somewhat strange that I gained weight only in my belly area. My thighs and hips and butt are the same, I just got fat in the middle. Your guess is as good as mine, guys!!-Desiree
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@magnel (2263)
• India
20 Dec 06
the best way, regular workouts of abs is very important, this will help you reduce your belly and also a regular walk of 3-4 kms will also help. My friend reduce his belly just by taking a regular walk of 3-4 kms