Be carefull from those killer virues

@shemb1 (465)
Sri Lanka
December 20, 2006 8:24am CST
/DisableSysRestore.aspxYeaterday when I was cheking my mail I found some truely web site that protecting computer from virues and its not free and its has some dll problem making service also. But it said they will give 60 trial period for use all component. That means we nomally get this kind of software erase that our viruse for free in trial period. So I download this softawre. and I did my web page making things. So in that time I want to use my run menu then I go to search button and search it. but it wasnt there. so I get the task manager and try to get some new task but it wasnt. Good. Then I realise may be this would be mega virues collection. You know I installed Macafee 2006 but it wasnt show me that attack. You know what is the virues? The new installed vireues removl software. ........................Can you bvelieve that. Then i try to get it that from Macafee 2005 but it couldnt catch that. so I used Spyware doctor 2005 it could catch but that time my win xp dance this way that way. So Dont have time to catch remove that, because if i am there i am sure I may be trow away my hard drive. So finally I format.... So what I want tell you frinds beaware from this ftrjan highly attack virues came from in leagle site. I cant remember those software but I remember that ftrst name . its "Pest******" like that. Dont download that soft. And virues name is Trojan 630 something like that . If you have affted from this software. use this site and you can protected from latest macafee.
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