What is your view about your local doctors?

@savanp (498)
December 20, 2006 9:21am CST
I always find that being able to be cured from illness really really depend on the doctors you get to see. Some are totally negligent and some couldn't really care less as it's really part and parcel of their job to see sick people. I had a friend who fell really sick after giving birth. She was diagnosed as having serious flu, infection. However, she could really breathe and all that and after several doctors treatment, she was finally admitted to hospital as she just fell unconscious. Lucky (or maybe not so lucky) for her, the senior doctor told her husband after checking and said,"Your wife is in serious condition, half her heart is failing. Be prepared." Well, thank God, she survived her surgery but the side effort was terrible. She had absolutely no strength as part of her heart can't function well. She couldn't even carry her son for more than 10 seconds, and can't climb up stairs. She lost weight till about 40+ kg. Literally bones! Two years later, went back for regular check up and this time, really FORTUNATE for her, a back up doctor did a different test and you know what? After that many years of wrong diagnosis, treatment, finally one NEW doctor said, "her heart is not functioning well because the membrane is too thick". So, she went for her second surgery...and now, she is in pink of health!
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@srhelmer (7032)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
20 Dec 06
Our doctor is pretty good. If we have a problem, he does his best to find it and, if he can't he isn't afraid to send us to a doctor who can.
@kesfylstra (1869)
• United States
20 Dec 06
It is really scary how doctor's just guess or try to treat the symptoms without checking the cause. I'm glad your friend is okay. I haven't had anything too bad, but after I gave birth my bladder gave up working for a couple days. We all ASSUME it was from the epidural, but of course the doctors never made sure. It cleared up eventually, but I am worried to have another child, because we don't know if it will happen again!