Aren't these burgers real yummy?

December 20, 2006 9:57am CST
Are these burgers yummy? yes, they are........ Any objections. Mind you, the burger community might mind it. Share your experiences on burgers.
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@patootie (3593)
20 Dec 06
Some years ago I worked in a meat processing factory ... I am not proud of the work I did .. and it's utterly disgusting the way some mass produced burgers are made .. They use the cheapest meat .. use all kinds of things as fillers like boiled pigs belly (or they did when I was working there) ... the meat has to be minced, reminced and then mushed up to make it even half way palatable .. and they add so much flavouring, colouring and salt it's a wonder we didn't all keel over and die on the spot ... If you've ever left a cheap mass produced burger to defrost before cooking it you'll know it goes to a nasty looking mush ... :o( Since working in the meat processing factory I have only ever eaten burgers I make myself .. just take some nice lean mince add some chopped onion, mushroom, pepper etc and enjoy .. they'll be a hundred times nicer than anything you can buy and still work out cheap to make too :o)