How do I get money?

December 20, 2006 10:22am CST
I am in China,so I am puzzled about reseiving the payment from this website.which one is a Chinese who can tell me the more details you have?
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• India
20 Dec 06
01. Post quality discussions. 02. Comment repley to others discussions, 03. post good immages 04. make friends. Bust ever thing should be in quality then automatically your earning will increse. and u have make best response to some others comments if the sub is good and if ur satisfied, if your selected the wrong message as best you will not get more earnings. for best respons you has to be mark as best. because my lot team will select all best messages only.
• China
20 Dec 06
Thank you,but I know all about what you told to me.I am not clear how to set up an account or which one I should use.
@P1ntus (377)
• Italy
20 Dec 06
i don't get money :) have a nice day