2 weeks in Europe

December 20, 2006 11:03am CST
Hi all, Planning a trip to Europe in Mar 07 for abt 2 weeks. Will want to start in France as I have free tics there. A few questions: 1. I only speak English, will there be a big problem finding my way around? 2. I am thinking of booking a tour with Contiki. Anyone tried it before? How was it? However, most of their tours do not start in France. Any recommendation of other similar tour operations I can check out will be much appreciated. 3. I am only thinking of covering Paris for abt 3 days when I arrive in France. Will want to visit another country. Which country/countries shld i visit in 2 weeks? 4. Will it be very cold in Mar? Will I need my winter coat? Looking forward to any forms of feedback!~
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@Postrock (273)
• Italy
5 Dec 07
It wont be hot, that's for sure. Bring your warm dresses. As of the trip the best thing (considered the dislocation) you should start as you said and then move south to Barcellona (havent been there actually..but i hear good things) and finally go to Italy. In Italy expecially visit Venice, Florence and obviously Rome (my city). I'm italian so it's cliched to say it. But just dont miss coming here. Even if you had to select only one of the 3 cities i told you, you wont regret it. All 3 of them would make for an awesome trip. Of course there are other great places to visit. London is great, Amsterdam is fun and chaotic. Every place has its uniqueness. For now avoid going to much north, like sweeden or Norway. When i went to sweeden i like the places but the people treated us badly.. Instead if you want a warmer place, just go all the way down to Sicily. Great nature and weather. Hope this helps..good trip to you mate!
• Romania
20 Dec 06
no is no problem if you know only englsh. you can take with you a dictionary. take some clothes your cel phone and go in the trip. thia are my adivces.