The Thirteen Colonies, A different view

December 20, 2006 1:12pm CST
These questions came to mind after watching Dr David Starkey's excellent program tonight on the British Monarchy. 1/... Do members agree that without foreign allied military and financial help, the war for independance would not have been winable by the Colonists, and if so what ideas do they have regarding the likely outcome of the war in that case?. Would an extended stalemate have resulted in a compromise, possibly along the lines of the Colonies becoming the first proto-Dominion and having limited self rule but still subject to the British Crown?. 2/... Do members agree that possibly a major cause of the rebellion was infact the financial threat to the wealthy class of Colonist by the 'British' new tax(es), and the precident such tax might set over the internal states regulation of their fast growing economies?. If so was the war then not about social freedoms and despotic Monarchy but rather to protect the wealth and position of the 'Colonial upper class'? 3/... Was the painting of King George III as a despot simply a political step desgined to unite the Colonists rather than a true statement of fact, given that 'his' prewar policies never tried do deny the political freedoms held both in Britain and the Colonies.Is the proof of this that at the loss of the war the King was prevented from abdicating for (as he stated) failing in his duty to both Britain and her Empire (including the Colonies), which would not normally be the reaction of an uncaring despotic Monarch?. 4/... Is the abiding legacy of Britain to the USA the inheritance of the fundamental political principles on which her constitution and laws are based, which were infact the same principles extant in Britain during the 18th Century. If so does this mean that the USA was/is infact a recreation of the 'perfect' Britain, one which has the same social freedoms and laws, but instead is governed by a totally elected representative body rather than a ruling 'class' and Monarchy? I hope these comments are of interest and of course all relevant views are welcome, whether they agree or not.
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