Native American Heritage Month

December 20, 2006 1:23pm CST
Come and gone.... and now three days into December, I have held my peace, but can stomach it no longer. Deliberately I chose not to make mention of this signficant and important event,during the designated month, in an effort to see just exactly who here, specificaly Americans, would remember and pay tribute. RESPONSE: ZERO. As an American you have no excuse if your purport to claim any knowledge or study of American history, not to have taken the moement and pay tribute to these first Americans, whose cultures and peoples were dynamic and ongoing, before Europeans arrived to decimate and then near cultracide/genocide them away. I am especialy disheartened and yet simo delighted to continue to expose the charade of the American political leftists and secular progressives here, who mouth the party platitudes and yet in this conspicous example of denial/failure, continue to demonstrate, they 'do not walk the walk, but merely talk it.' Had this been MLK day, no doubt mention or use of the noted Doctors remarks and philosopies would be bannered by the aforementioned in the never ending diatribes. But no, the disrespect shown to Native Americans speaks for it's self.
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