Ku Klux Klan View Of Chinese History

December 20, 2006 1:33pm CST
Howdy folks and everybody out yonder, it's me, Eric, your beloved China-history-nerd (lol). Come sit down by the inkling fire, loosen those boot-straps a little, breathe in that mountain-desert air, observe the calmness and the many stars spanned out on the heavens above you, and watch the meat simmer as the spit slowly rotates over the heat of the fire. Now that you're all tuckered in for a good lesson, I thought I'd put aside my harmonica for the night and instead relate a tale of cheap trickery and deception. And let's face it, folks, this deception isn't even well-worded or even supported by the 3 links provided within this article, which by the way aren't even remotely related (or supportive) of the radical, idiotic message they're preaching here. Here's a little pm message entitled "About Your Primitive China," one that I got from kapd_be, the latest installment and alternate-personality of SMQ's very own Apostolic King. It's actually an article straight from the mouth of the gnarling, vehement, blood-soaked jaws of David Duke's very own website trumping racial superiority and segregation here in the United States. Apparently, his version of history is that of Bronze-Age white man spreading across Asia to somehow teach the primitive people in these remote regions how to build and create the bases of their own society, whether it be the great ziggurat builders of ancient Sumeria, the mud-brick Harrapa city-builders of ancient India/Pakistan, or even the ancient Bronze Age Longshan Culture and early dynastic kingdoms in China for that matter. And if you're reading this, AK, you are aware, first and foremost, that David Duke is the former Imperial Wizard for the Ku Klux Klan? You probably knew that, and if you didn't, well that's your loss of hindsight, pal. Well, I guess it's time to start tearing this apart, you all read very close now, you might leave this thread learnin somethin. Caucasian Mummies in China and the Evolution of Culture (you got to love how they phrased the last part)
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