Meaningful Ideas for Chritmas Lovely one

December 20, 2006 2:20pm CST
14. What are your favorite holiday memories? Pose the question tonight at the dinner table. Use your family's answers to plan this year's celebration. You may be surprised at the special memories that have nothing to do with gifts or elaborate events. 15. For fifteen minutes, write down things in your life that you are grateful for. Ask each of your family members to join you in creating their own lists. 16. Bundle up and head outside. Make snow angels or build a snow fort with your kids. When it's time to warm up, build a cozy fire and roast marshmallows in your living room. 17. What's your favorite homemade holiday treat? Write down the recipe, and share it with your friends. Encourage them to do the same. 18. Challenge each member of your family to fill a box or bag full of items to give away. Decide as a family where to make a donation. 19. What was the best book you read this year? With whom would you most like to share its message? Purchase a copy for them and drop it off, anonymously. 20. Take your family to a performance of The Nutcracker. Purchase a CD or DVD of the Nutcracker to bring the memories home. 21. The holidays can take their toll. Make a holiday tradition of recharging your own batteries. Gather your daughter and your best friend and head to the day spa for a much deserved pedicure or massage. 22. Reach out to those whom you haven't seen all year. It takes a little extra effort this busy time of year, but make a goal to send a card or note to someone you think about but don't see much anymore. 23. Keep a "Joy Journal" this holiday season, in which you record the funny things your kids say, joyful times you share, your favorite things to do with your family (and by yourself), and all the things for which you are grateful. Use your Joy Journal as a reminder of the facets of your life (and this holiday season) that are really important. 24. Give small and simple gifts (homemade cookies or a small book) to a few of the people who make your everyday life easier, such as the trash collector and postal carrier. 25. Share your family traditions with friends and ask them to tell you about the family traditions that make their holidays sweeter.
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