DOTA character creation!

@xtedaxcvg (3190)
December 20, 2006 3:39pm CST
Feel free to post your character ideas here. Post the stats, background, appearance, skills etc. I'll start: Name: Jimini Race: Gnome Class: Assassin Primary stat: Agi Lore: Jimini started off as a petty thief in the hallways of Ironforge. He was livin near the edge and is always in trouble. He is extremely addicted to gold. One day, he was employed by a man in a hood to kill a couple of nobles in the Alliance ranks. He later realized that the hooded figure was a demon in disguise and he soon found out that the gold he took binded him in serving the scourge. Skills: Gold addiction - spend gold to boost your stats Mug and Slash - each kill you make gives you a +300% of your total gold. Vanish - instantly vanish from battle and gives an increase to movement speed Job Done - teleport to the nearest hero and deal damage equal to the hero's total health points minus agility
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