progeria..spread the word

United States
December 20, 2006 4:24pm CST
Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome is an extremely rare genetic condition which causes physical changes that resemble greatly accelerated aging in sufferers. The disease affects between 1 in 4 million (estimated actual) and 1 in 8 million (reported) newborns. Currently, there are approximately 40-45 known cases in the world. There is no known cure. Most people with progeria die around 13 years of age. Progeria is of interest to scientists because the disease may reveal clues about factors involved in the process of aging. Unlike most other "accelerated aging diseases" (such as Werner's syndrome, Cockayne's syndrome or xeroderma pigmentosum), progeria is not caused by defective DNA repair. By spreading the word I know we can help donate and contribute to the research of this disease.
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@lonewolfnan (4367)
• Canada
20 Dec 06
Thank you for the info as I was rather ignorant of what it actually was called.The disease,while rare,still affects friends and families of those who have it and is no less painful than other ailments out there we support readily and willingly.More education and more awareness will help!!
@cliffcliff (1350)
• United States
20 Dec 06
i never heard of such a disease, thanks for being kind enough to spread the word.
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• United States
20 Dec 06
Information = knowledge knowledge = power Educate!