The product named "ME"

December 20, 2006 4:36pm CST
Lamborghini, Armani, Jack Daniels ... all this names becomed very well known brands, succesful and respected.At begining this names were just simple names, names gaved to us by our parents. I have a name.You have a name, everyone has a name, but the difference betwen our names and a very well know brand is huge.For example names like : Armani, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, .. are admired and this names make money. Now ! Stop reading ! Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this : - How would you feel if your name were displayed on Real Madrid players shirt ? And your friends would say ... "Hey your name is on Zidane shirt !!!" - How would you feel if you'll go to a supermarket and see that a lot of people buy a product with your name on it ? When i think at that i feel wonderful, and i want to close my eyes and keep that image alive, because is so beautiful.If we search information about succesful brand names we'll find out that at the begining those people were just simple people, but people who want to do something meaningful.They invest their energy, knowledge and passion in something that after a while they gived a name , THEIR NAME. When we do something, think that behind that work is your name, your want to transform your name in a well known, succesful, and respected brand, for that your work must be perfect, and when you did your best, i'm sure that apreciation and respect will appear.If your work will constantly be the best, the respect will grow more and more.Remember that all great names have a history, and if you study their history you'll find a lot of awards and good recomandations. Finaly think at you like a product, all you do can affect your image, you can become an expensive, most wanted product, or simply a low price product. Think at what your do, how you look, how you dress, how you appear in others eyes, what products can make you look more valuable, etc.Analize these caracteristics if you want to become a wanted product. After you finished thinking at how you can make your name a very well known brand,start adding value to your name.
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• Canada
21 Dec 06
Me: No need for branding Me: No need for popularity Me: No need for stardom Me: I like ME.