Start now and live your life without regrets !

December 20, 2006 4:38pm CST
Have you ever been in a situation where you need to do something, something you realy like, but you didn't want to fail ? I'm sure you know what i'm talking about.I have a huge experience in this field, and I think I found how to overcome this situation. First thing you have to do is to take action, no matter what, DO this.Start what you want, because if you don't start to take action nobody will do it for you, and you'll be only a lazy dreamer, that had something in his mind, and prefered to keep things there instead to make them come true.If you'll think and analise the situation to long, in your head will be a total mess, you'll be totaly coufused, and confusion make's you feel insecure.You'll feel insecure because humans love safety, and you think that if you start something you may fail, and in this way appears another human emotion named "FEAR". Just start, doesn't matter if you don't know to mutch.After you'll start, you'll find what you don't know and resolve your problem and ofcourse get experience & confidence.Succes doesn't teach you anything, but errors and problems can make you a genius.If you'll continue to say "I'll do it tomorrow !" or another proposition like "The day's will pass by", you'll remain only with REGRETS.It's better to have TRIED and FAILED than never TRY at ALL.Instead of regrets you get experience, and that experience will help you someday, no matter if you succes or fail. Telling yourself : "I'm not 100% prepared !", "I want to learn more before i start to ..." is not good.Remember you'll never know everything, and the more you learn the more you'll see that the information grows. Thoughs like : "I'm not 100% prepared !", "I want to learn more before i start to ..." is just that voice from your head that want's to stop you doing what you want. When you'll hear that voice again tell her : "SHUT UP", and start take action.
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