You are an Empire !

December 20, 2006 4:38pm CST
This is a fun way of thinking when you have something hard to do ! Have you ever dreamed that you are a king, and own an entire empire ? Maybe yes, or maybe not, but i did.I dreamed that i'm a king, and i have an empire, i have a castle, i have a country, a lot of people that love their king, my face is printed on coins, etc. Now this thing is not practicaly posibile ( yet! ), but you can do a lot of things using your mind.For example, take a look at this ideea. When you do something think that you are an empire, a little one at fisrt.Now you start to do something, make that thing as good as you can so you can say you are building your empire.Let's say you have something to learn today and you do it great, now imagine that in your empire you build another castle for you, and that castel is the information you get today.You do something like learning, and let's say you learned 1 page in 10 minutes, you can imagine that you just put a brick at the foundation of your empire (or castle), after that you learn another page, and put another brick, and in this way you are to build something extraordinary.Now you can start "building". Think that you improve your empire, and for improving your empire you have to get the best information. Even if you don't like what you do, think that you must do that to improve your empire.Remember - YOU are the only king in your empire, and you have to build it and control it the way you like.
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