How many of you see sunrise, daily ?

December 20, 2006 10:36pm CST
My routine starts with early morning. I get up by 5 in the morning.I wash my mouth and eyes only when I get up.I will be logging in computer immediately.In between I will prepare morning healty drink called KASHAAYA and it is mixture of milk,water and ayurvedic ingredients.During the time of working on the computer I sip the KASHAAYA and enjoy the work.Kashaaya helps to make you fresh up in your morning mood and keeps you warmed up and acts like hot drinks GINN , though alchohoic content is zero in Kashaaya. Kashaaya does not give you any KICK and it simply warms up the body and mind. It is healthy drink. By the bye the time may be around 6.30 to 7 now.Then I will get a desire to drink TEA. I prepare TEA, again a mixture of milk,water and tea leaves powdered,sugar- all together boiled and filtered at the end of right boiling.This is also good to sip and enjoy but not advisable for those who like to keep themselves away from acidity,heartburn etc.My work on computer is continuing. Now the time is about 8 to 8.15 in the morning. My wife gets up from the bed and prepares tea for both.Now the TEA is tasty !!!!!!!!!. Something more is there in this TEA than milk,water,teapowder and sugar !!!. The time now is about 9 to 9.30 in the morning when I have completed this round of TEA and I shutdown the system. Now I get ready to shave (daily work of removing the hairs grown in a day on the cheek)and go to bathroom. I believe every one of my MyLot friends is aware of what is bath. Though the process of bath differs according to geographical needs, the purpose is uniform and is to keep the body in the living condition. My method of bathing is to brush the teeth at first and pour the water,little hot,on the body beginging with the head,shoulder,to feet through thighs.Then the soap either liquid or solid will be used to clean the body and again the water is poured to clean the body of this soap and wastes of sweat.In the end whole body is rubbed by a towel and the body is dried up and the process of BATH is complete. During this process of BATH and after that I will be rendering the PRAYERS TO THAT ALMIGHTY ,by chanting different MANTRAS ( chantings in SANSKRIT language ,the praises of the ALMIGHTY, in stanzas called VERSES ).These chantings makes the mind to get concentrated on one single omnipotent ENERGY called GOD,by various names,throughout the world and leads to peace of mind. Continuing those MANTRAS , I perform POOJA ( a way to pray the GOD and concentrate your mind to get into the way of PEACE )say about half an hour.Then by the time my wife will keep my breakfaste ready and I eat that with all total PEACE. Now the time is about 11 AM. I login to the computer again.Start the work.I will be working on the system till the call for lunch comes from my wife ,between 1.30 to 2 p.m. After the lunch, I will be taking rest for about 30 minutes with a small, peaceful sleep and get up to work on the system again. Now I will be drinnking a TEA in between during the work. The work will go on till 9 in the night. Now it is the time for a small one hour walk,jogging and spending time with NATURE.I walk,exercise,jogg,hopp,sit silently,think of philosophy during this one hour.My wife and my son will be with me.My son will be playing on his own and we two share our thoughts,discuss family matter and about society ,life etc. We come back about 10 to 10.30 in night.Sometimes we go to nearby icecream parlor and sip icecream.Now I will wash up again and take some light food.At about and not later than 11 in night, I brush up my teeth and go to bed. I get sound sleep between 11 to 5. No disturbance in mind and not any bad dreams. Of course I dream sometimes and always good dreams !!!!!! This is my routine life. I have tried to express it keeping in mind, the friends of different parts of the GLOBE. I EXPECT RESPONSE FROM YOU,MY FRIEND.
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