Windows shows ofter explorer exe. application error

September 24, 2006 12:46am CST
U R G E N T I have system with AMD 64 Athlon 64 3000+ 754 pins,AZUS Motherboard,K8S MX, 512 MB DDR RAM, 80GB HDD, Windows XP. For the past one month or more I find often on opening and working, windows shows as explorer.exe application error with unknown numbers. Below O.K. and cancel boxes are seen. When clicked O K the program closes and I have to reopen it thereby losing the saved matters. The cancel box says if cancelled have to debug etc. which will be another problem. So I have to click O K Box. My technical person says there are patches available for the the above said processor and asked me to find out the same. As such I would very much request you to kindly inform me your valuable advice and further in the matter for solving this problem at the very earliest. Awaiting for your reply. T S Seshan
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• India
26 Sep 06
man here is u'r result run this in run command :sfc/scanboot then restart u'r computer insert u'r windows disk if it asks or else try again bye u'r comp is sure to get ready. mail me or see my discussions to get further details
@ericmg (93)
• Australia
24 Sep 06
Well CRUD I say not to you but to me I have responded to this twice and when I pushe send the text went-the window for response went blank and not any message that it had been sent. I'll try again. I can't help in the first case. The reason I commented is that I am haveing the same problem however it is on a Apple Mac that I have the software that is to link Windows XP to the Mac... It does in all my other experiences when I use a Window base programe. I have asked many and some say will find and get back to me. No one has as of yet, I wil not give up. I will keep track of your request for help and If I come across what to do before you get an answer I will forwar all. Have a good day ericmg