marriage question??

@jgeo78 (41)
United States
December 21, 2006 10:44am CST
Do you think it is right for the male to ask for marriage or both. I so love my bf so much and with him everything is backwards. everything we do is so crazy. he wants me to say hes my fiance but he has never asked me to marry him. should i ask him or wait for him to ask me. it is hard for me to say he is my fiance when he hasnt asked me to make it official. what should i do??
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23 Jun 07
To my view it is not soothing to see female ask male to marry her. I could well guess your situation. But I wont prefer my girlf to ask me to marry her till it is not a desperate or a critical situation for her.You should wait till your bf invite you officially to marry unless you have any problem to wait further.To claim as you are his fiance is ok but he should have guts to make it real. Anyway you seems too much inclined towards him. So check your emotion for sometimes and see his behavioural change whether he really feels for you or not at the same magnitude as you are thinking him to be. If it is positive than wait till he will give you the official proposal. All the best.