Handle your Stressful Condition

December 21, 2006 11:03am CST
Do you know How did you handle your personal stressful condition? here's the tips and advice on how did you handle your stress in your personal. first : After your work, be concentrate in one side or area in your work which area are quietly and no disturb and just relax yourself & your body to have a good condition, second is if you already home, just relax yourself in your bedroom and just sleep or relax of yourself in 1 hours or 45 minutes you want, third : If you are fine the time you can try went to the beautiful place and you can relax your mind & your body to release your stress, fourth : you can try went to the spa service and the purpose is to undergo any treatment which could also help to relax in your body and fifth is the best is regular exercise and the purpose is to have a new energy, t remove your stress, depression, tension and other which is also help to be a good in your body.
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