Would You "Have-a-Go"????

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@forfein (2507)
December 21, 2006 11:14am CST
Hi www.mylot.com Members in the UK will probably know what this topic is about by the title!! It is what we call someone who is prepared to take on "The Bad Guys" ............"Have-a-go-heroes" I was driving home from work today, and on the Local BBC Radio Station there was a news item that really caught my fancy, and I listened to it with a lot more interest.............. Apparently there are three women in Worcester, (for our American friends, this town is pronounced Wooster)!!! and, the three women do not know each other, but.......... They saw a fugitive running away from the Police, and crossing over the bridge of the River Severn. The man had been spotted by police officers in the city centre, but ran off. He was being chased by the officers across the River Severn Bridge from the city centre towards St John's when the three women stepped in! Almost acting in unison, they each responded in exactly the same way - they tried to apprehend the man, not knowing whether he was armed or could have injured them! Heroine Number One barred his way on the pavement, as he sprinted across the bridge, forcing him into the road. Heroine Number Two ran into the road, hit him with her shopping bag and tussled with him. Heroine Number Three ran into the road and challenged him. The fugitive then ran across both lanes of the road. A van driver saw the action and stopped. The driver then caught and held the fugitive! Seconds later officers caught up and he was taken away in a police vehicle. Here is my question......... 1. Would you do the same thing? 2. The "Have-a-go-heroes" did not know whether the fugitive was armed, and yet they still decided to apprehend him! Do you think they are "heroes" or a little fool hardy? Over to you............. PS:- The pic is the CCTV Film footage of the incident!
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@gabs8513 (48703)
• United Kingdom
21 Dec 06
Well I certainly would not to be honest that was a big risk to take and I have to admit it was very dangerous
@forfein (2507)
22 Dec 06
Hi Difficult isnt it to know what to do. I like to think that I would be brave enough to have-a-go, but like you said, I would prefer to have some "Back-up" !
@msqtech (15075)
• United States
2 Jan 07
I think it is wonderful but in the USA it would be exceedingly rash to do because many criminals are armed
@xXmeganxX (4421)
31 Dec 06
ahh yes i rwad this on my isp news, i would do what they done probably, well id take a chanve because obviously this man needed to be caught for whatever he has done because he could do it again!
@forfein (2507)
2 Jan 07
Most people here would think the same way. Trouble is, more and more of the "Bad guys" in this country and now armed!
@atticus (1379)
• Italy
23 Dec 06
i absolutely didn't understand anything..sorry