Red wine is good for you health...WOW did you know this?

South Africa
December 21, 2006 11:33am CST
A recent breakthrough has shown that resveratrol (a red wine extract) seems to improve life span 15-20%, by making obese mice virtually as healthy as normal mice. It seems that it also has preventative effects agains diabetes and prevents organ damange. These effects were recently observed in mice, and published in Nature. However the team from Harvard that published this study started with work in yeast, then fruitflies and worms, which all seem to have the same effect. So it seems virtually impossible that a simular effect wont be found in humans. Resveratrol is involved in increasing the expression of a gene involved in mitrochondrial development that has been previously linked to lifespan. But don't start drinking too much red wine. These mice were given the equavalent of 100 bottles of wine resveratrol a day!! Huge amounts of a red wine extract seemed to help obese mice eat a high-fat diet and still live a long and healthy life, suggests a new study that some experts are calling "landmark" research. The big question is: Can it work the same magic in humans? Resveratol has been in the media alot in the past 10 years with claims for and against, but nothing nearly as substantial as this. CBC news update - Nature news update - Original nature paper's (will need access) -
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