Your first Love story.....

@shankk (83)
December 21, 2006 11:43am CST
Lets write about our first love story here....Everyone has something lets share it here......hope u wont mind it :).... regards...
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@gscs1838 (1536)
• Malaysia
21 Dec 06
the first time that i fall in Love is the most magnificent and the happiest days of my life . even she does not love me . i'm still happy. when i was in first year college i never seen anyone so overacting girl like her. i really dont like her. but as time goes by we became friends and starts to know her more and more....then from friend to crush then from crush to LOVE i fall in love for the first time. i felt so in love and things are perfect and lovely to me. She is very precious to me and she is the greatest thing that happen to me... well sad to say that she does'nt love me although she is nice to me but i know she loves someone and has a standard of her own . in chosing the man she wants. i courted her well it does'nt work . it really hurts the person you love does not love you. in short love takes time like a plant that grows slowly. hope this will enlignthen you