Want to Calculate ur body mass index(BMI)?

@Serjas (2328)
December 21, 2006 1:10pm CST
To Calculate BMI send me ur height (in Mtr) and weight(in Kg) What is BMI?BMI stands for body mass index which is a formula which relates body weight to height. This enables people to determine whether they are at a weight which is healthy for them. What Your BMI Calculation Means?Under 18.5* :Underweight 18.5* - 25 :Healthy Weight 25 - 30 :Overweight 30 - 40 :Obese Over 40 :Severely obese * There are two different ranges for healthy BMI put forward by different, but respected, sources. The British Nutrition Foundation, for example, gives 20-25 as healthy range and less than 20 as underweight. The Food Standards Agency's BMI calculator gives 18.5-25 as healthy and less than 18.5 as underweight. Cancer Research UK gives both ranges in different sections of its website. It seems that we can be a bit relaxed about a BMI of between 18.5 and 20, and not start worrying about being underweight unless BMI is less than 18.5. Having said that, we would not recommend that anybody with a current BMI of less than 20 should try to lose weight.
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@hijas007 (1386)
• India
1 Feb 07
my height is 5.2 and weight 62kg! can i ask a doubt? what is this BMI actually stand for?i know it is body mass index,but waht is that.is it is not normal(as your list) what can i do?is exercise help to maintain BMI? please reply me!
@BittyBiddy (2903)
• Ireland
21 Dec 06
There are free websites that will calculate this.
@Serjas (2328)
• India
21 Dec 06
this also free dude.....just post me ur ht and wt