when ur father`s no more wd u.......

@atulperx (735)
December 21, 2006 2:43pm CST
.....there r times when u need smone to backup...sm one who can help out wd things,......smone who can support u any time!!!!..then u look for ur DAD,and if like me u know ur dad is not there......u get the worst feeling of ur life.Dad is a person who loves u anyway!!.who does not care for his comforts but first provides u wd every thing he can,in this world.....he is the one who can alwayz read ur problem from ur eyes...who is so sympathatic!!!! Dad....the one who would whenever see u down,will call u and let u put ur head on his lap....then u will feel a sympethetic hand pampering u.....the generous hands of ur DAD!!!!!!. But i swear i tell u,if after remembering all this,u still know that ur dad is no more wd u .........u really are pissed off!!,then u feel like u r the worst person in this world....u r smone very incomplete......but in anyway i know ican still tell my Dad..........., DADDY,I REALLY REALLY LUVVVVVVVVV U ALOT!!so please stay cool with your dads just think about your condition whever you ask or demand something from your father .don't ask for that things that he can't provide you and make him feel bad . talk about your fellings that will make your heart light .
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