If you was bush, what do you will do about iraq?

@srenda (382)
December 21, 2006 3:14pm CST
Do you think that bush police is right striking iraq? what do you think?
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@srhelmer (7027)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
21 Dec 06
Well, since we are already there, I would concentrate on the present. The first thing I would do is listen to my generals and get them the soldiers and equipment they need to stabilize the country so we can hand it back over to it's government. As for whether or not I would have invaded in the first place: with the information he had available at the time, I would have made the same decision. It's easy to criticize when you have the benefit of hindsight.
@srenda (382)
• Brazil
22 Dec 06
ohh yeah. But i think that the best way to stabilish it is with the help of another counries, as IrĂ£, Siria, and others, because they are not hated, as US, I think this is the best way
• India
21 Dec 06
I stop the war immediately.