How do you cope with the death of friend?

United States
December 21, 2006 3:49pm CST
Today, I recieved a call from a friend about the death of a friend (call him Troy) from my hometown that had a massive heat attack at work. I was suprise and disturbed about how my friend life ended because his life was so tragic. First of all, I met this friend back in ninth grade with my goofy best friend. Troy was in our class because he had been held back three times and was the butt of all the jokes. Also, Troy was a little overweight so he got teased for this, too. My best friend and I immediately hit it off with Troy and was friends for the rest of ninth grade year. Troy decided that once his class graduated from school that year that he would not return to school. So Troy decided to drop out of school. I think Troy hated school so much because he was tease. I think that he would have attended school more or put forth more effort if he wasn't so insecure. I think it was about a year after he dropped out of school that I heard the tragic news that his mother had been murder by her boyfriend. Some of the details about the murder was that the boyfriend made Troy go in the closet while he murder his mom. After this happen Troy and his baby sister went to live with a aunt in Florida. I always felt that Troy not being able to save his mother messed with his head. I was hoping when he went to Florida that Troy would find a better life. In 2003, I saw Troy for the first time in about 7 years. I went to my hometown for a visit and I was standing in line at the dollar store. So someone tapped me on the shoulder and I didn't recognize the man. I just played it off because i knew it had to be somebody that I knew because I was in my hometown. So I was like "Hey, how are you doing?". The guy was like "you don't know who I am do you?" He was like it's Troy. I was like oh that's you Troy. Then I was like how you been doing. He responded that he was doing OK in back living in town. Then we said good bye and went our separate ways. Troy looked so different and had lost alot of weight. Also, he had a sadness too him and just looked like he was unhappy. I called my best friend and told her about seeing Troy and she told me that she heard he was on drugs. Also, she told me he worked at a local restaurant. The I received the call from her today about his death. I like to analyze the world and try to figure out why things happen but I just can't explain Troy life. I am a very spiritual person and believe that everyone has a plan for their life but was that the plan for troy life? I don't know I just wonder why some people have a good life and why others just can't seem to find happiness. Do it have something to do with the the choices that we make? Is it because we make bad decisions. Is it because we don't have the ability to understand life? Is it because of bad elements in our life? I don't know and probably won't ever know but I hope that he's in a better place.
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