Introduce a new rule

December 21, 2006 5:02pm CST
If you could choose to introduce just ONE new rule to MyLot, what would it be and why? I'd have a warning system. I was just commenting on a friend's discussion about the new rules, and I was inspired to start this discussion. The warning system would be a "three-stage" warning system, that is to say - three strikes and you're out. Depending on the severity of your negative comment - from one-liners such as "yes" or "no" to all-out dumb-bum answers like "I have no opinion on this topic". Three warnings voted to you from other members and you're banned for a set time. A day? A week? Maybe your IP address is banned? (as well as your payment method e-mail, in case you fancy setting up an account over your mates' house!) So whad'ya think? The warning system isn't my idea, it's just one I've seen elsewhere and heard off from like, everywhere. MyLot should consider these features, to help straighten out the fools from the good guys.
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21 Dec 06
yeah theres been a few discussions about this issue and i also agree that a warning system would be useful.