December 21, 2006 11:24pm CST
Why do clocks go clockwise?
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22 Dec 06
There would seem to be a trend in the Western world which favours left to right movement. Not only are clocks designed this way but it is also the direction in which words are written. There is a possibility that this arises naturally from the differing functions of our left and right brain or that it is related to the trend towards right being the dominant side of the body but there are other languages written from right to left. This doesn't rule out the brain hemispheres argument as it could be that cultural differences make the right brain the more dominant in those societies. It could also be that, language being invented first, the first clocks were simply made to move in the same directions as our eyes were used to travelling when reading something. Just realised that all of that is rubbish - had an Aha! moment! It will be because of sundials. The first clocks were sundials and the shadow which indicated the time moved in that direction. Thats why!
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22 Dec 06
wow dont you know that they called it a clock and then is was clockwise? Ok I am messing around but it all has to do with the sun. who knows i could have been right too about the whole clockwise thing