why girls try to look like a man and man try to look like girl ?

@pvinay (210)
December 22, 2006 1:12am CST
we see in our daily life girls (not for all) are trying such clothes , which are generally weared by men and men are tryng (not for all) such hair style some times clothes two , which makes them look like girls . what u think friends .....what is the reason behind this ? let me know your ideas abt this ?
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@dienutza (449)
• Romania
24 Dec 06
because some of us want to have what he or she doesn't..if you see something that you like at someone you don't care idf he is a man or she is a woman..and also you don't care if that thing will look good on you if there are clothes or jewlerry..you only like that thing you sae at someone and you would like to have it too..that happens even with the haircuts..you like it..you wanna have it too
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