loose motions - Upset Stomach Symptoms:Stomachache
High temperature
Loss of appetite.
Common Causes Of Loose Motions:Viral infection
Stress and strain
Excessive consumption of alcohol
Side effects of certain medications
Infected water
Wrong combination of foods
 Home Remedy for Diarrhoea
December 22, 2006 4:32am CST
DEPENDAL-M Detail information on DEPENDAL-M medicine manufactured by GSK Medicine (Brand) Name: DEPENDAL-M Medicine Manufacturer: GSK Medicine Form: SUSPENSION Medicine Strength: Packaging: 60ML Composition: FURAZOLIDONE 25MG,METRONIDAZOLE (AS BENZOATE)100MG,PER 5ML;Category: ANTIDIARRHOEALS (ANTIDIARRHOEALS) ANTIDIARRHOEALS Detailed information on ANTIDIARRHOEALS (METRONIDAZOLE + FURAZOLIDONE COMBINATIONS). Category General Name: METRONIDAZOLE + FURAZOLIDONE COMBINATIONS Category Name: ANTIDIARRHOEALS Dosage: Contraindications: Special Precautions: Drug Interation: Adverse Effect: Laboratory Interference: Food Interaction: Overdose Management: Safety & Warnings for ANTIDIARRHOEALS Paediatrics: Safe to use. Geriatics: Safe to use. Pregnancy: Safe to use. Breast Feeding: Safe to use. Heart Failure: Safe to use. Kidney Failure: Safe to use. Liver Failure: Safe to use. Alcohol: Safe to use. Following are the medicines in ANTIDIARRHOEALS cateogry. You may find a medicine's name many times in the list due to different compositions or different strengths. Medicine Name Manufacturer Name Strength Composition ALDIAMYCIN ALKEM FURAZOLIDONE 30MG,METRONIDAZOLE 100MG,BELLADONA TINCTURE 0.15ML,PER 5ML;ALFUMET TABLETS ALKEM FURAZOLIDONE 30MG,METRONIDAZOLE 100MG,BELLADONA TINCTURE 0.15ML,PER 5ML;DEPENDAL-M GSK FURAZOLIDONE 100MG,METRONIDAZOLE 300MG, DEPENDAL-M GSK FURAZOLIDONE 25MG,METRONIDAZOLE (AS BENZOATE)100MG,PER 5ML;FORTEZOL-MF PFIMEX FURAZOLIDONE 100MG,METRONIDAZOLE 400MG, LOMOSTOP MF WINGS FURAZOLIDONE 100MG,METRONIDAZOLE 400MG, LOMOSTOP MF SUSP WINGS FURAZOLIDONE 30MG,METRONIDAZOLE 100MG, LOMOSTOP-PLUS WINGS FURAZOLIDONE 100MG,METRONIDAZOLE 400MG,DICYCLOMINE HCL 20MG;LOMOSTOP-D WINGS FURAZOLIDONE 50MG,METRONIDAZOLE 200MG,DICYCLOMINE HCL 10MG
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