@lumanci (1111)
December 22, 2006 5:40am CST
Consume and don't throw A skyscraper of thirty pianos with an equivalent base to a stadium. Millecinquecento meters cubes of refusals to the day- how much he/she/it/you causes Naples- multiplied for 365 of it they do 548,500 and in two years here that you/he/she/it are arrived at million o'clock of meters cubes. How behavior? he/she/it/you serves Combustion and fittings for the treatment of the polluting[effluenti]. Here reason observing the process of the refusals from the inside of his daily pouch, that decomposes and he/she/it/you subjects to chemical examination, sociological and[merceologico]. He/she/it/you demolishes as totem like the diversified harvest and you/he/she/it arrive to the conclusion: the refusals must be polished up. To start from the napkins, even helps us with the use of colored[portatovaglioli] that they allow to distinguish them; so that must not wash them all days long. Yes also to the canvases for dry the dishes and wash the ledges, without need of apply to the[maxirotoloni] of absorbent paper. And, naturally, yes to the handkerchiefs personalized with the initials. Rule numbers two: never the[monouso] at home and out. Therefore no dishes, cutleries and plastic glasses not reusable when we are tired, we go of hurry or we do parties for the children;[nè] plastic glasses for the coffee or varied drinks to the cafe or to the stadium.
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