Vai or Satch

December 22, 2006 8:22am CST
This is a question thats been asked ever since theyve been on the circuit....whose a better guitarist?? Steve Vai, for his perfect technique and eccentric strokes of genius, or Joe Satriani for his innovation, skill, and down to earth approach, and also for being vai's teacher?
5 responses
@obzzen (27)
• Philippines
9 Mar 07
i would vote Satriani for studio and Steve Vai for live.
@acidino (12)
• Italy
20 Feb 07
I do not know because but i like more Steve Vai
• United States
5 Feb 07
I agree with the last response, both have totally different style, and both are most excellent. Practically untouchable in regards to talent. I personally prefer to listen to Satriani's style, and love Vai's live stuff much more so than studio work.
@kulanuwun (1405)
• Indonesia
31 Jan 07
They are amazing guitarist that have theyreown style
• India
30 Dec 06
Joe Satriani, anyday of the week, i would say....